“As the sun rises pause a moment and say…” I  Appreciate Today.” Susan Dintino

Today is World Wide Appreciation  Day.  Really?!  You’ve never heard of it? Well, that is because I just made it up.  But let’s pretend it is and unlike Thanksgiving it is a worldwide celebration and there is no dinner to get ready.  It is just about being grateful for everything in your life.  It begins first thing in the morning with gratitude for taking that first breath of morning air, getting out of bed, enjoying a great cup of coffee or tea and indoor plumbing.  Be thankful for all the things that life puts in front of you today and if you run into challenges do your best to put a positive spin on them.  Just imagine an entire world being grateful.  We would beam good feelings far out into the Universe and the Universe would respond with sending us back all the blessings we can imagine.  And when the sun sets we look to the sky and just say…Thank you for today.  Heck this may really become a tradition!