Let Me..Help You

Let Me..Help You

I am so glad you’re here! It’s my desire to get you the answers you are looking for. Whether love life, life purpose or just wondering what your guides and angels want you to know together we can make it happen.

Motivational Speaking

Susan’s speaking engagements inspire the audience by being tailored to their specific needs. Each speech is designed to inspire and inform and share a laugh or two along the way.

Suggested Topics List:

  1. Songs of My Life…Slightly Out of Tune
    Each chapter in Susan’s book discusses a timely issue in a humorous way and can be the focus of a speaking engagement. i.e. Dealing with body image, boomerang children, and aging parents.
  2. A Year of Me
    As the author of this wonderful children’s book, Susan will discuss the focus of the book and how it can benefit children ages 4 and up.
  3. InPowering Meditation™
    Susan has recently trademarked this technique, which is geared for beginners as well as advanced meditation practitioners. Combining journaling, affirmation creation, and guided meditation, this method will assist in changing limiting beliefs. In this engagement, Susan will discuss the benefits of meditation and how to incorporate a meditation practice in the participants’ life.

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Any of the above subjects may be turned into a workshop.

Other topics include but not limited to:

  • Awakening Psychic Ability
  • Auras and Chakras…How to Balance & Clear Your Energetic Bodies

Check out all Susan’s latest speaking engagements and workshops on the events page.

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