susan leavingErma Bombeck, one of my favorite writers, wrote a very funny book entitled When You Look Like Your Passport Photo it is Time to Go Home. Well this is me getting ready for my 9 hour flight from Berlin to Chicago looking a little, well maybe a lot,  harried.  I know I have been remiss in keeping you updated but WIFI was sketchy and time flew.  I promise I will relate much to you in the coming days.  As I am still traveling my posts may be erratic but I will do my best to get them to you regularly.  The one thing though that I learned amidst all the twists and turns of our European adventure is flexibility is not a luxury but a necessity.  For instance when we went to pick up our car rental in Rome and found all the rental agencies closed at noon on Sunday. It was 12:05 and all we got from most agents was a stern shake of the head and a pronounced no which is understood in any language.  Bags surrounding us looking totally forlorned a kind gentleman, Gabriella from Enterprise (Coincidence that Gabriel is the angel I work with all the time? I think not.), took pity on us and although he said Romans like to spend Sunday afternoon with their families he got us our car and on our way.  We met people like this throughout our trip that went the extra mile to help us out despite language barriers.  They far outweighed those that we met that were much less accommodating.