smelly armpitsI am always on a quest to be as natural as possible especially when it comes to skin care. Recently I decided to go the route of an organic all natural deodorant. It smelled lovely going on and I felt good having this soothing botanical under my arms. About 1/2 through the day I began to notice an odor. I am highly sensitive to smells so I was determined to get to the bottom of it as this scent seemed to be getting stronger and stronger. Where was it coming from? After sniffing out all the usual suspect places,  bathroom, laundry room I was stumped. Shrugging my shoulders in defeat I got a good whiff and realized with horror the smell was coming from me! No longer a botanical garden my armpits now smelled like a sewer dump. I quickly ripped off my offensive clothes and jumped in the shower vigorously scrubbing the odor away. When I emerged I tossed the all natural into the trash and grabbed my trusty dependable deodorant. My armpits were secure and I was relieved that I escaped the possibility of acquiring a Stinky Susan nickname at this stage in my life.