The basic principal of our spiritual life is that our problems become the very place to discover wisdom and love.” Jack Kornfield

Today commemorates a day in history where American lives were forever changed.  Close to 3000 people died as the result of a terrorist attack that saw the Twin Towers in NYC come down as well as four airliners crash.  The ripple effect of this tragedy is still felt today.  Right after the event there was a bond of love that made us all feel connected.  We all felt compassion for the families that lost loved ones and those that were looking for the missing. I remember having a conversation shortly after 9/11 and the person I was talking to was all about finding the perpetrators and “killing them all”. I listened and thought hate is what got us here and now it has to be all about love.  Looking at people as them instead of us is skewed thinking.  We are all one, all connected and once each and every one of us accept this, the world will be the peaceful place it is meant to be.