Photo by Gina M Herron


“Only love is a threat to the established order, for love really changes things.  Only love breaks all the way through.” Marianne Williamson

We recently welcomed a new baby into our lives; a precious granddaughter. She is a year old now and is responding to our talking to her with smiles and gurgles.  By the way she looks at me I can tell she sees only the love.  How would it be to live our lives that way? To see only the love when we look at our world.  To know that although people may not always be acting in a loving way they are at the heart just love.  I am not talking about romantic love. I am talking about the love that fuels our planet or should.  There is a greater power and if we allowed love to truly be the heartbeat of the Earth what a world we would have.  Today start with you and regardless of where your day takes you see only the love.  At the end of the day write down your observations and most importantly how it made your feel to only look for love.