“Tears wash away the toxins of the heart.” Susan Dintino

Yesterday I was reading a book that really hit me emotionally. I started to cry and before I knew it I was into a real sob fest.The past few years have presented me with challenges that have felt insurmountable at times. In two years’ time, I lost my brother, my grandson, my mother and my daughter was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. Consequently there are times when I will read something or hear something that just touches me in a way that I know I have to release the pent up grief. Crying is my outlet in these times.  I used to resist it feeling that I did not want to upset others. What if they knew I had been crying? Now I know it is a necessity for me, a cleansing from the inside out. After a good cry I may feel drained at first but then like the sun shining after a rain storm I feel bright and full of light once again.