Susan Sacred Circle
“An Oasis for Body, Mind, & Spirit.”

In these challenging times having an opportunity to connect with people helps immensely. With that in mind I have created Susan’s Sacred Circle a private membership community designed to provide an oasis for all of us. Each month we will delve into a motivational topic designed to inspire and connect us. Creating a sacred space, I will encourage an open forum for discussion so people will feel safe and secure. This will be our place, our sacred space to explore, to motivate, to encourage one another and make new friends.

A monthly Zoom meeting with a stimulating and inspirational topic. These meetings will be varied and may include a special guest, mini-readings, meditation, teachings, etc. This meeting will be videotaped so if you can’t make the meeting in person, you will still get the benefits from the video. The first meeting is scheduled for 11/14 at 4:00 PM ET and the second Saturday of the month from then on.

A monthly newsletter outlining the topic of the monthly Zoom meeting. The newsletter will also have a monthly spotlight feature for one of our members who would like to be highlighted, a 3 card reading for the month and what’s going on with the moon cycles. The first newsletter is scheduled to go out on 11/1 and the first of the month from then on.

A dedicated Facebook page open only to members. Periodically I will be doing Facebook Lives on this page with advance notice for all members who would like to attend. 

A scheduled private 15 minute Video or Phone reading. A $44.00 value. Or you can place that value towards a longer reading.

20% discount on all my products.

12 month subscription is $99.00 renewable at $89.00.

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