DivineInspirationMany of you know that on Sundays I pretty much stay off the radar but yesterday morning when I woke up I received a message loud and clear to watch Soulful Sunday on OWN. It is a series that Oprah Winfrey hosts on her TV network. I have learned to pay attention to this kind of guidance so I turned the TV on and looked to see who was going to be on. Sure enough there was a show that I knew I was supposed to watch, an interview with Christiane Northrop talking about her new book, Goddesses Never Age. Dr. Northrop is a great inspiration to me and I am a big fan of her books including The Wisdom of Menopause which really helped me in that part of my life.  The interview was packed with messages I knew I was supposed to hear. It was especially significant to me because I have a birthday coming up and have been feeling the number. Northrop’s message is that our chronological age has nothing to do with our aging process. Our body may grow older but our spirit can be as young as we choose it to be. Had I not paid attention to the nudges coming from my higher self I would have missed this show. I had been feeling discontent and looking for answers. The Universe provided them for me and once again proves that when we ask for answers all we have to do is be open and they will be there.