Photo by Gina M Herron

If God had wanted to be a big secret, He would not have created babbling brooks and whispering pines.”  Robert Brault

I remember as a child learning in Catechism class that God was everywhere and in everything.  I was in awe of that concept. There was a downside to this everywhere concept though; God could see me no matter where I went or what I did.  I thought of God as a bit of a Santa Claus figure judging me as naughty or nice. I grew out of this idea though and began to feel that our Creator is a loving presence and always available and visible to me.  Nothing puts me in touch with him as much as being in nature does.  Looking at a full moon sky blanketed with brilliant stars I know there is a greater power that has provided this beauty for me to enjoy and appreciate.  I still look at God as a bit of a Santa Claus but by no means the judgmental one.  Instead I see God as the gift giver and all I have to do is open my eyes and receive!