It’s coming up on the 4 year anniversary of my husband’s passing and I am in Buffalo, NY where we shared the majority of our married life. This visit my top priority was to really clear his stuff, I was finally ready. My daughters had cleared some things but it was time to really let things go especially his clothes. It was not an easy task. With each sportcoat, tie, shirt etc there were memoires. There were clothes that were his favorites that were very worn. A few of those I just could not part with. Just too much a part of him. I am watching the sailboats on the lake as I write this and I am thinking it is so much about letting the wind take us where it will. I would never have imagined I would be sailing now without him. I would never imagine that I would be clearing his clothes. I thought we would sail into the sunset for quite awhile longer than we had. It may sound cliche but it is so true. We just never know. Nothing is promised and all we have is right here right now.