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I love them. Everything about them.

Spent some time with Grief Reliefs and I love them. Everything about them. The way they fit in the palm of your hand and the ability to carry them with you. The first card I pulled was spot on. I find this deck to be perfect for people not only who are dealing with grief but also for everyone who needs a reminder of the importance of self-care

Karen K on Grief Reliefs

Karen K

They are beautiful…and help me understand…

I’ve just received my Grief Relief cards. They are beautiful, easy to use and right away I knew that these would finally be a way to help me understand and work through my grief in a positive way. I’ve spent too long in limbo.

Tammy W. on Grief Reliefs

Tammy W.

Each card is illustrated beautifully

Each card is illustrated beautifully… it’s specific but styled to let our thoughts shape what lies on the back…a guide but not a directive.,,sort of like the open ended question to get conversation started.. this time the conversation is with ourself..

Pat R. on Grief Reliefs

Pat R.

A wonderful way to honor a loved one

I purchased these cards for a friend of mine who recently lost her mother. These cards are a wonderful way to honor a loved one while working through a difficult loss. Grief can be all consuming and powerfully paralyzing. These cards lift the soul out of despair by providing small daily steps to take that allow for reflection and the ability to take positive actions in one’s own life journey. They are comforting and reassuring!

Holly R.on Grief Reliefs

Holly R.

My Grief Reliefs cards were heaven sent.

My Grief Reliefs cards were heaven sent, literally. These beautiful cards are enveloped with a loving, comforting, nurturing energy. In my darkest moments, moving through a recent loss, I wake up in the morning and look forward to choosing a card for the day. I don’t know why but I’m always surprised at how perfect the card is for me at that moment in time. These cards remind me that self care and self love are key on my personal journey grieving the loss of my husband. The beautiful artwork is perfect and lends fun to picking a daily card. Thank you Susan Dintino from my heart to yours for creating these inspirational cards.

Valerie C.on Grief Reliefs

Valerie C.


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