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I love them. Everything about them.

Spent some time with Grief Reliefs and I love them. Everything about them. The way they fit in the palm of your hand and the ability to carry them with you. The first card I pulled was spot on. I find this deck to be perfect for people not only who are dealing with grief but also for everyone who needs a reminder of the importance of self-care

Karen K on Grief Reliefs

Karen K

They are beautiful…and help me understand…

I’ve just received my Grief Relief cards. They are beautiful, easy to use and right away I knew that these would finally be a way to help me understand and work through my grief in a positive way. I’ve spent too long in limbo.

Tammy W. on Grief Reliefs

Tammy W.

Each card is illustrated beautifully

Each card is illustrated beautifully… it’s specific but styled to let our thoughts shape what lies on the back…a guide but not a directive.,,sort of like the open ended question to get conversation started.. this time the conversation is with ourself..

Pat R. on Grief Reliefs

Pat R.

A wonderful way to honor a loved one

I purchased these cards for a friend of mine who recently lost her mother. These cards are a wonderful way to honor a loved one while working through a difficult loss. Grief can be all consuming and powerfully paralyzing. These cards lift the soul out of despair by providing small daily steps to take that allow for reflection and the ability to take positive actions in one’s own life journey. They are comforting and reassuring!

Holly R.on Grief Reliefs

Holly R.

My Grief Reliefs cards were heaven sent.

My Grief Reliefs cards were heaven sent, literally. These beautiful cards are enveloped with a loving, comforting, nurturing energy. In my darkest moments, moving through a recent loss, I wake up in the morning and look forward to choosing a card for the day. I don’t know why but I’m always surprised at how perfect the card is for me at that moment in time. These cards remind me that self care and self love are key on my personal journey grieving the loss of my husband. The beautiful artwork is perfect and lends fun to picking a daily card. Thank you Susan Dintino from my heart to yours for creating these inspirational cards.

Valerie C.on Grief Reliefs

Valerie C.

Grief Reliefs Beautiful Deck! A first of its kind!

I love that this deck is a companion through times of grief. The images are beautiful and timeless with prompts to help you through the day, and take care of yourself. It fits into your purse easily. I use it as an oracle card deck as well.

Tatiana Scavnicky

I Love this Deck! Grief Reliefs

I gave away my first deck and had to get another one. The images are so beautiful and seem to appear just as you need them. The quality is also excellent. I have used these cards for group meditations and with my clients with other decks. They pair beautifully. Well done!

Audrey Stephens

The best self-care/ self-love deck out there!

I have been reading Tarot/Oracle cards for over 20yrs now, in my collection I have over 200 decks and Susan’s “Grief Reliefs” Oracle deck is truly one of my most favourite. Whether you are experiencing challenges in life, grieving the loss of a loved one, perhaps you’re experiencing a traumatic life experience or you just need a ‘pick-me-up’ then this is the deck for you. I love that Susan has designed this deck with each card focusing on an activity you can do to, each activity is set with the intention of helping you, whether that is to heal, feel good, love and care for yourself, love life or even to smile and enjoy life. So often we can feel stuck, and this is why I love this deck it unsticks you if you feel stuck! I have my own deck and also I have gifted this beautiful deck to friends. Thank you Susan for following your guidance and creating Grief Reliefs 💜🦋

Joy Cummins

Susan is a heart-centered Spiritual Advisor and Teacher

Susan is compassionate, wise, caring and a natural spiritual teacher.Most importantly to me she is genuine and authentic. Susan’s Chakra classes are wonderful, each class is full of information, nuggets of wisdom, ideas and inspiration since taking these classes I’ve tuned into my own chakras aware of just how important these are and how significant they impact my life. I especially love love love the guided meditation with Susan and also the affirmations she shares, again I can’t stress enough how much love Susan puts into each class and how much I have benefited from taking them.

Joy Cummins

Love Grief Reliefs!

Susan Dintino’s amazing Grief Reliefs cards are a “must have” when traveling a Grief Journey! Each one fills a tiny hole in your heart and lifts you up a tiny bit higher as you heal each day until memories bring you joy once again. I share a deck in my coaching practice as well as gifting them to clients who are experiencing loss. Susan’s products and services never disappoint. They will always leave you that “better” that you are seeking. enJOY your deck! Blessings xxoo 🙂

Nancy Rizzo

Chakra Class

I have really enjoyed Susan’s Chakra class and the availability of the ones I am unable to attend. Susan has a great sense of humor and really cares about what she teaches. I look forward to taking other classes with Susan.


Clarity & Confident

I recently had the pleasure to have a Tarot/Oracle card reading with Susan. Any reservations and lingering doubts I previously had to my reading regarding my life purpose and future vision immediately faded away. The guidance, insight and clarity Susan brought through is truly divinely sent. Susan’s reading left me feeling reassured, inspired and positive with the confidence to have the courage to pursue my dream and life vision. For a in-depth personal reading, for the divine guidance, wisdom and clarity you seek so that you to may feel as I do confident, inspired and grateful for a clear direction to follow, I highly recommend booking a reading with Susan.

Joy Cummins


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