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The chakras are an essential part of our energetic body. This series of classes will not only deal with the 7 basic chakras but also 2 additional ones that I feel are important to be aware of. We will begin with an overview and definition of the chakras and why their stability and balance are important to our physical well being. Then every other week we focus on one chakra discussing it’s color, position in the body, and what its functions are. Using aromatherapy, power words, and guided meditation we will clear and balance the chakra. A PDF of the notes will be emailed to each participant and a mini reading of your chakras will be included. This will be a video class that will be using Zoom from the comfort of your home.

The 8th and final chakra we will be discussing in our series, The Soul Star white and gold in color is often referred to as “The Seat of the Soul.” Focusing on this chakra connects us to divine inspiration. This Zoom workshop will encompass what you need to know about this chakra and include a guided meditation.


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