InPowering Meditation


  • A 10-minute phone consultation
  • A step by step guide to assist you in the process which includes a detailed description of journaling techniques and affirmation creation. This will be available to you in an email or PDF file.
  • Using this information I will assist you in creating your affirmation.

I will then record a guided meditation designed specifically for you using your information.


InPowering Meditation™ is a meditation technique that I have developed that takes your meditation practice to a whole new level. By combining journaling, affirmation creation and guided meditation, you can change limiting beliefs to InPowering ones.  Whether you are new to meditation or an advanced practitioner, InPowering Meditation™ will be not only be enjoyable but also beneficial.

This method of meditation includes:

  • A breathing technique and mantras that will enhance your practice.
  • Journaling to identify a limiting belief and challenge you are currently addressing.
  • Affirmation creation to turn this belief and challenge into a positive experience.
  • Guided meditation that will set all of this into motion.

Currently I am offering online teleclasses and workshops across the country teaching this technique.  Check the events page for the latest information and if you are interested in hosting an event please contact me.


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