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Are you looking for a podcast that has stimulating topics, psychic coaching and just plain fun? Well here it is! Whether interviewing a guest or addressing a hot topic Susan Dintino will provide a podcast jam packed with inspiration, motivation, and a laugh or two. As Susan likes to say “Laughter is the song of the soul.”


1 day ago

Lions Gate Portal..Third Eye Activation!
Zoom Class today at 4:00 PM ET. Guided meditation too! $11.00
To register https://susandintino.com/product/journey-through-the-chakras-third-eye/
Video & ... See more

4 days ago

Ode to My Love

I watch the ships sail,
Billowing across the sea.
The salty air tickles my nose.
I come here to remember
I come here to forget.
My pain ebbs and flows like the tide.

A bird flies ... See more

4 days ago

Las Vegas was my husband Den’s favorite place to visit. He loved playing Black Jack. Hold or hit! We often spent his birthday here. I see him now playing up in Heaven where I am sure that he is ... See more

1 week ago
Back in Buffalo | Susan Dintino

I invite you to to check out my latest Susanism..
Back in Buffalohttps://susandintino.com/back-in-buffalo/

Back in Buffalo by Susan Dintino | Aug 2, 2020 | Susanisms | 0 comments Flew back to Buffalo a few days ago and am now in quarantine for 14 days as I came in from Arizona. Since this whole thing ... See more

2 weeks ago
Ravenous Butterflies

I needed to see this today.

“Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.”
Roy T. Bennett

Christian Schloe

2 weeks ago

Happy Birthday Dear Brother! You would have been 68 today but instead you are perienally young on the other side. So many loved ones there to party with. Celebrate Tom a life well lived on this side. ... See more

2 weeks ago

Sedona Hike..Bell Rock

2 weeks ago
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This weekend embrace your inner child & do something just for the fun of it! From Grief Reliefs Oracle available at www.griefreliefs.com
Now get out there & enjoy!

2 weeks ago
Susanisms | Susan Dintino

Just posted Good-Bye Funky Town on my Susanisms. I invite you to check it out.

Thoughts and guidance from Hay House Author Susan Dintino. Through her personal and down to earth writing style, Susan gets to the heart of the matter.

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