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Are you looking for a podcast that has stimulating topics, psychic coaching and just plain fun? Well here it is! Whether interviewing a guest or addressing a hot topic Susan Dintino will provide a podcast jam packed with inspiration, motivation, and a laugh or two. As Susan likes to say “Laughter is the song of the soul.”


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This is a time of year that each day brings fresh memories as I approach the passing anniversary of my husband, Den as I called him on October 6th. I will be using my Grief Reliefs Oracle deck every ... See more

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Breathe in the fresh Autumn Air and announce “Yes we will prevail!”

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Right Here..Right Now | Susan Dintino

Just finished my latest Susanism. I invite you to check it out! https://susandintino.com/righthere/

Right Here..Right Now by Susan Dintino | Sep 20, 2020 | Susanisms | 0 comments It’s coming up on the 4 year anniversary of my husband’s passing and I am in Buffalo, NY where we shared the ... See more

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I invite you to

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Ravenous Butterflies

Forgiving yourself a huge part of loving yourself.

“Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned it.”
Maya Angelou

3 weeks ago

Buffalo Sunset Haiku

Color of the day
Bursting with Beauty Sublime
I witness Glory

4 weeks ago
Peace And Protection

I am so honored to be featured on Insight Timers home page with my Peace & Protection Meditation. I invite you to check it out! http://insig.ht/gm_40926

In this gentle practice, Susan invites us to relax from our head to toe, as we become grounded to Mother Earth. Susan provides us with positive and uplifting guidance and gratitude affirmations, to ... See more

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Mary Oliver

Isn’t this the truth! Live your day!

Happy September, readers! What are you reading this month?

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Buffalo Waterfront

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