Halloween beckons the beginning of the holiday season and often this time of year is fraught with anxiety and stress. What will I cook? What will I buy? How will I decorate? Most importantly..Where will I find the time? These are all questions we begin to ask ourselves. I am purposing that right here; right now you make a promise to yourself to not sweat the small stuff. To focus on what’s really important to you and if you are anything like me it’s about having your celebrations be joyful and peaceful. Now I know that in itself can be a stressful idea but if you set an intention now that your holidays are going to be that way you can make it happen. Peace and joy are an inside job and if you are in that place you’ll find that the people around you will sense it and feel the same way. On the contrary, if you’re so overwhelmed with holiday preparations and getting everything “Martha Stewart” perfect your guests will sense that as well. Explore ways to make things easy on yourself.  Do the things for the holidays that bring you joy. If you like to bake do so and put your gifts in gift bags. If you love to wrap a gift that is an artistic masterpiece do so and buy your cookies at the bakery. Throughout this season, I am inviting you to ask yourself this question with every holiday preparation. Does this bring me joy? If the answer is no, select a better option. You will be so glad you did!