It’s been a long time since I posted on this page. So much has happened and I’ve needed time to digest it all. The most significant event my husband’s passing on October 6, 2016. A truly life changing event. Since then I have been lost, found, lost, found..well you get the idea. The one thing I have finally come to terms with it is that my life will never be the same. It is irrevocably changed. Now as I along with the rest of the planet face the Corona Virus challenge I am beginning to realize the same thing. My life will never be the same. So what will this new normal look like? Since we are still in the midst of it I don’t think any of us can know. It’s an uncertainty. I have not seen my family in months and as I used to feel comfortable hoping on a plane for a short visit that is no longer the case. When I go for the next visit I will be there for awhile. Is that a problem? As much as I love and miss my family it is because I will be in the condo that I shared with my husband for months where each wall in the house sighs and cries with memories. Sure there are good memories there too but after a few weeks the haunting and missing him are too much and in normal times I would retreat to my home in Florida or my second home in Sedona. I don’t feel comfortable hopping on a plane and doing that now.
It’s a tricky time to be sure. Staying healthy a top priority. I am in Sedona now and am not sure where the next few months will take me. I guess the old adage “only time will tell” has never been truer.