I keep saying that 2015 is a magical year so let’s try this little game. You are given one day by a magic genie to live the life of your dreams. The complete freedom to do whatever you would like for that one day.  What would you do?  You would not want to waste one minute of those 24 hours on doing anything that did not bring you a profound sense of joy.  Let’s take it one step further and say this was you last day on the planet. Would the things you choose to do change?  I find that time is illusive and we always feel we have one more day to do the things we would like to do but the truth is we never know when that last day may be.  To live each day with a profound passion and joy for life is a great mandate to have.  Make a pact with yourself today that each and every day you will find a reason to fall in love with the life you are living.