Serenity SusanA few years ago I sent out emails this time of year and I called them Nurturing Necessities. Their purpose was to give suggestions of ways to nurture yourself this time of year. I am going to be sprinkling my Susanisms with a few suggestions of how you can indulge yourself and replenish some of that energy you are expending. In this picture I am enjoying a good book and a hot beverage. I have comfy jammies on and I am just chilling. The idea is to remember to pamper yourself. If staying in bed is not an option then when you are out shopping till you drop take some time to go into a local coffee house and indulge yourself with a hot drink of your choice. Savor the moment and give yourself a well needed break. This will recharge your batteries, improve your mood and give you that extra zip to finish your to do list.