Every morning while I was in Sedona I went to the Grotto pictured above to set my intention for the day. The picture does not do the sublime beauty of the room justice. It had a circular natural wooden bench and the floor is the red soil of Sedona. A fountain flows in the center and a sky light in the roof allows the sunlight in. We would meet at 8:15 AM, get a sage blessing, and meditate for 10 minutes to set our intention for the day. It was the perfect way to begin the day. What struck me was that in only 10 minutes I felt I had begun my day in a sacred space with a clear idea of how I wanted it to go. Of course, on vacation it is easy to keep your day going the way you intend but I have been doing this since I got home. The 10 minutes I spend in quiet meditation and setting my intention for the day is time well spent and proves that meditation does not have to be long to be beneficial.