Heart Over Sanibel..photo by Susan Dintino

“The true vocation of man is to find his way to himself.” Hermann Hess

A few years ago I had my astrological natal chart read. I was hungry to know what my life purpose was. The gentleman reading my chart told me that this lifetime was about me spending time in self discovery. What?! I thought but did not say.  What kind of purpose is that? I have felt since I was a child I was destined to make a difference in the world. I gave that reading a great deal of thought though and realized how many times I short changed my desires and my dreams in exchange for the dreams and desires of others.  Parents, children, husband all had their expectations and my path thus far had been more about fulfilling those roles than discovering who I really was.  I also knew I had a tendency to be much too hard on myself.  Since that reading I have taken pleasure in just learning who I am and not worrying so much about some grand destiny.  I live the best life I can and trust that doing just that is enough to make a difference.