Ok…you read that right. Christmas is less than 2 weeks away. Before you start hyperventilating I have some great advice. Stop striving for perfection and start letting some of the things you feel you have to do go. One of the things I had to let go of when I decided to make my holidays more laid back was my striving to make everything perfect. Each gift wrapped with matching bow and ribbon, home baked cookies good enough to make Martha Stewart weep, a house decorated like the North Pole inside and out. Well, you get the idea. I decided that it was just too darn much hard work and it drained me physically and mentally. No matter how hard I tried something would fall short of creating the perfect holiday. The first step I took to fight my penchant for perfection was to buy cookies from a bakery. I was horrified when I thought of my family’s reaction but after one of too many batches of burned cut out cookies I thought this was a must. Imagine my surprise when everyone enjoyed those cookies and said not a word they were “store bought”. I discovered gift bags and my house decorating took on a less is more attitude. The outcome? I had a great deal more energy to do the things I wanted to do. I was actually  able to enjoy Christmas day rather than feeling I was about to drop over. Stress less…enjoy more should be your motto for the next two weeks!