Photo by Gina M Herron

“I do not like green eggs and ham!”

I love the wisdom of Dr. Seuss. This quote taken from the book Green Eggs and Ham reminds me of the importance of trying new things.  I remember trying to get my daughters as babies to eat a new vegetable.  Their little mouths would be closed tight and you could not get in there with a crow bar.  Once they finally tasted the new food they would either love it and smile with glee or spit it out and that was the end of that.  The important thing though is that they tried it so they could make their own decision.  Often there are opportunities in life that come up that we make a pre-judgment of how we are going to feel without trying whatever it is out.  My feeling is that you can miss out on an awful lot in life if you don’t at least experience these unknowns.  Today I am inviting you to make a conscious choice to try something new, be it a food, hobby, friendship anything that maybe you decided not to do just because.  Who knows what might happen…you may like it and smile with glee or hate it and spit it out but regardless you are making the choice based on your own experience. Green eggs and ham anyone?