For Den’s 60th birthday I surprised him with a trip to Las Vegas his favorite place to visit. In truth that was not such a big surprise since he knew we would go to Vegas to celebrate his birthday. What he didn’t know was that our daughters Gina, Anne and Krista would be joining us. We had planned it for months arranging everyone’s schedule and booking a suite where we could all be together. I was giddy with excitement on the way to the airport. When we got there the girls were standing outside holding a sign that said Happy Birthday Dad! Even with this Den did not quite get that they would be coming along.  He thought it was just a friendly send off. Finally the light bulb went on as we all approached security together. “Oh…you’re coming with us!” he said with a big smile on his face. It had been a dream of his to be with his daughters in Las Vegas and could not believe it was becoming a reality. His daughters meant the world to him. We had a wonderful time on that trip and I am smiling as I write this. Although we did it a few more times and enjoyed it, I don’t thing we ever recaptured the magic of that first time.

Looking back at this I am so glad we pulled off this surprise. It is a treasured memory for us all. It helps keep Gerry my Grief Monster a bit subdued. Magical  memories a tremendous bright light on this journey.