I am actually starting to get a vivid picture of what my Grief Monster looks like. Kind of like the kid’s dinosaur Barney with some great big teeth. Sometimes he can be friendly but other times he can take a bite out of me with those shark choppers of his. Someone recently told me I should make friends with this Monster and I am sure there will come a time when his bark will be worse than his bite but for now he is not a friend I want to break bread with. I have found laughter is my best weapon against him so I am sharing this memory with you.

About 5 years ago I decided I wanted a Vespa to ride around my island home. Since the speed limit is 30-35 MPH I felt pretty safe with the idea. Well…my husband to say the least was strongly opposed. It was a birthday gift though so there was only so much he could say and we had reached a point in our marriage where he knew that there were certain things I was going to do whether he liked it or not. We drove to the Vespa dealer but he refused to get out of the car and told me to handle the purchase on my own. I did and when the final paperwork had to be signed he begrudgingly agreed to come into the store. The salesman was very nice and started extolling the virtues of my Vespa. My husband took one look at the bike, at the salesman and said “What are you going to do when she wraps herself around a tree?!” The salesman shockingly looked at me and I smiled and said to ignore him. Flash forward a few months and my sister and her husband were visiting. After having a few beers, my husband decided to show my brother in law the way he could do a wheely out of the driveway. The bike tipped and over he went. Once I realized he wasn’t hurt I looked at my bike which had major scratches on it. I was furious! After all his warnings about me he was the one that had the accident. Not long after that I traded the scratched one in for the pink one pictured he. We teased each other all the time about his Evil Knievel stunt and eventually I bought him his own as a Christmas present. We had great fun scooting around the island and although his Vespa was black he posed with my pink one so he could show his Harley Davidson friends that he was an Easy Rider too!