dramaramaI think we all know people who are perfectly labeled drama queens or kings for that matter. I have coined the word dramarama for the situations they so enjoy creating.  I used to have quite a few of these people in my life but it just got too exhausting. For the longest time whether talking on the phone or an in person visit I would put up with dramarama because I wanted to be “nice”. I would listen with a patient ear and shake my head in agreement with whatever lamentable woes this king or queen had encountered. It got to the point though I just could not stand it any more and became fearful of screaming at the top of lungs if I had to hear about one more overblown crisis. I decided I had to gradually start limiting my time in these situations. Caller ID became my best friend and yes there are times I do not answer the phone. With friends if I found they could not be encouraged to be more positive I gave myself permission to step back a bit and in some cases the friendships dissolved and that was ok. With family I lovingly tell them no more dramarama, we have a good laugh and that is the end of it. I am not saying I have created a drama free world but I am saying that I have put a good lid on the dramarama in my life