Flew back to Buffalo a few days ago and am now in quarantine for 14 days as I came in from Arizona. Since this whole thing started in earnest in March I have been pretty much with myself most of the time so this is not new. Being in Buffalo is as I have not been here since December. I admit I avoid coming here mainly because the memories of my husband and his passing surround me everywhere I look. This time it’s different. I chose to return for me. I missed my family. I was tired of the solitude. I wanted to come back. Buffalo is my home town. It’s where I met my husband, my high school sweetheart and spent 43 married years with him. I had my daughters here and my grandchildren were all born here. While I was in Sedona I began embracing a different way to approach my return. As I look at the steely grey clouds, the lake wild with waves and the sun trying to burst through it all emulates my life. Cloudy, wild, but always looking for the bright spot. I am not sure how long I will stay but I am vowing to enjoy my time here and not let the ghosts from harsh memories pull me down.