Sunday, Sunday

I love Sundays.  I truly take all the stuff about being a day of rest to heart.  Even the Lord rested on a Sunday. For many years as three little girls jumped up and down on our bed at 6:30 AM in the morning this was not an option but now that they have all grown and have left the house (except for my boomerang youngest who I can never be sure of) I can luxuriate in a true day of relaxation.  I work out of the home and I know my husband is never quite sure exactly what I do.  Being a writer is a bit of a frivolous occupation in his eyes.  Nothing that you really work at so when I tell him that Sunday I am going to take off he looks at me with one of his infamous looks that is saying something like: “Why would you need to take a day off?  I know most of the week you are enjoying the life of a free wheeling socialite.  Going to lunch, out to coffee, shopping basically living a life similar to one of the Kardashians”  He truly feels that the laundry, grocery shopping and cooking is done by some invisible helper I have similar to Dobby in the Harry Potter stories.  After 40 years of marriage I have learned not to argue over issues like these knowing that my Alpha male husband will never understand.  Instead I know that his workaholic nature will kick in and he will go off to work and leave me to my Sunday in peace.

What do I do on this most special day of the week? First I play a bit of a fantasy game that I can order whatever I want from a maid who waits on me hand and foot while I lay in bed.  I welcome her into my room and describe in detail what I would like for my breakfast in bed.   Before long I realize this for the flight of the imagination it is and get up and make my own breakfast.  My favorite breakfast, believe it or not, is not something glamorous like Eggs Benedict or decadent like a cream filled donut.  Instead it is a breakfast that takes me back to my childhood….peanut butter and jelly on toast.  I have changed it a bit to make it healthier by substituting my Wonder bread with whole wheat and organic peanut butter and jelly for the store brands my mother always use to get.  Always watching those pennies you know.  I used to lust over the Peter Pan peanut butter in the commercials with lovely Tinker Bell flitting around but was always told that it was too expensive and the Acme brand was just as good.


I toast my bread to the perfect light brown color with just the right amount of crunch.   I generously slather on the peanut butter until it is melty on the bread.  I add my favorite jam and it is a breakfast fit for me, a Queen for a day.  My husband has left me my favorite Skinny Vanilla Latte and I organize everything on a lovely tray.  I will add a bit of fruit too for a bit of a snack later.  Than it is up to my room I go for breakfast in bed.  I turn on my Ipad and read my current favorite book.  I love to read all types of literature and nothing takes me away as much as a good book.  Ahhhh….It just does not get any better than this. As I sip my latte and eat my toast, I will while away almost the entire morning and early afternoon until I know that if I don’t get up I won’t be able to sleep that night.  The rest of the day I do exactly what I want.  No work..just pleasure.


My family knows now not to bother me on Sundays and it has become an unwritten Mom law that I am not to be disturbed.  I would be lying to tell you that this self-indulgence came easy.  I used to feel guilty and like a bit of a slug not doing anything all day but I found that on the weeks I did not partake of this ritual I really got burned out.  I deserved that day off and learned to take it without a hint of  regret. With all the giving I do during the week to everyone else it was important for me to give back to myself.


Sound like fun to you?  Why not try it and if you can’t afford a whole day start small with an hour or two.  The amount of time is not as important as the fact you are spending it just on you!  Your own mini vacation.  Let me know how it works.  Enjoy!