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"Grief Reliefs - my new “go-to” cards."

The moment that I laid my hands on Grief Reliefs Oracle Cards I could feel the comfort. The cards are kind, but wise. They are loving, but healing. They are also my new “go-to” cards when doing readings for those who need find their way from grief back to peace.  

Radleigh Valentine
Bestselling Hay House Author

I am so grateful for Susan’s guidance. Her workshops and readings have changed my life.

Nancy R.

My email reading was very accurate and definitely provided tips for a way ahead. I loved the special touch of it coming in a PDF attachment. Thank you!

Charlene S.

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FreeBell Rock VortexMeditation Download!

Recorded live in Sedona AZ in the energy of the Bell Rock Vortex, this meditation will take you on a journey to connect with the Divine Feminine energy of this vortex and reconnect you with your Inner Child. Along the way, you will balance and clear your Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra to assist you in healing your energetic body. The tone of the rose quartz crystal bowl will open your heart and fill you with love for yourself and send love to others.

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